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We are a company with a business focus on fire protection, sanitation and protection treatments of building materials. Treated constructions can handle moisture load up to Rh 95%. We also provide fire protection in shipping.

We provide fire protection in different classes, light fire, fire resistant, flame retardant and full fire protection. We can protect most known materials, e.g.  all wood-based materials, plastics, cardboard and viscose etc.  All fire protection have an additional effect as a very effective permanent protection against all types of  biological fouling in all known materials , even on material that has already been fouling e.g. crawl spaces in buildings, attics, walls, etc.

With our special technology in the protection treatments, usually you do not tear anything in existing homes. With our unique protective agent today, the manufacture of which we ourselves are responsible for, we can now offer the highest quality in all services and protection treatments. It is not a surface treatment, the treatment is a complete penetration of the material being treated.

We can provide a service that you can´t get from someone else. We are the only company to use this technology for more than 10 years and have an experience that has given more than 1000 satisfied clients. Warranty is provided on all protective treatments.

We offer a protective treatment involving fire, fouling, antifouling, moisture, insect protection and protection against blue stain, all with a single treatment. This applies for new building and existing buildings, villas, etc.



VP Ultra Solution™ is the first of its kind in Europe. The goal of the initiative is to train future entrepreneurs. We are looking for motivated entrepreneurs for various protective treatments in fire protection and protection against fouling in existing properties, such as in crawl spaces and attics, etc. Starting as WSJ partner is a step into the future regarding all in wood and fire. The method is unique, interesting and full of new possibilities. We now want to create a concept that is all about efficiency, speed, durability, environmental impact etc..

Customer needs to be considered in the best possible way.


About Us                                     
A company that started by a simple test that none of us believed.

VP Ultra is today a small company with great opportunities and visions that can help individual households, wood producers, construction, boat - and ship manufacturers, textile industry etc. With protected products, can the economy and environment improve.

When we first came in contact with one of the unique protection agents we use, we did not believe on its effectiveness.


The technology was not available

Machines was manufactured, patented, tested and the results meet expectations.

Sanitation concept emerged. Sanitation cars was purchased and equipped with all the technology needed to make cleanup quick and efficient.

When we cleared up houses with problems we began to see new houses where construction material was totally infested with fouling and the owners have not even moved into their new house. This led to the development of protective treatment of the building material directly in manufacturing, such as boards and timber when it is sawn or planed.


Machines for the protection process of all types of building materials were invented

Automated processing machinery for installation directly after a plane or saw was planned, produced and patented. With the machines one can get a protection that penetrates completely through the treated material and delivers great protection. Treatment is not just a surface treatment, but much, much more. Also spruce can be treated with great  success .

Now we have started the following projects. Fire protection of textile fibers viscose for various textile companies and projects are expected to be completed successfully in 2013.

In August 2013 was an agreement done regarding a very unique protection product.

Today, we manufacture our own agents, which proves to be very effective combined with our method. Therefore, we can now quality guarantee protection agents and protection.

A continual product development is ongoing.


Why Choose VP Ultra and VP Ultra Solution™

24 Hour Service: All calls answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our qualified

professional staff. We never forward our calls to an answering service. Fire protection, removing mold and bacteria does not need strong chemicals that trigger health problems.

VP Ultra offers protection against fire, dangerous and destructive microorganisms.

VP Ultra use a unique patented method.

We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Contact us today with any questions you have.




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